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ESoDoc-European Social Documentary 2018

31/05/2018 - 31/10/2018

  • Lloc: Itàlia i Noruega , Noruega
  • Tipus: Documentals
  • Àmbit: Internacional
  • Classe: Altres
  • Web:
  • Dades de contacte:
    Telèfon: +39 0471 302030

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Més informació

ESoDoc is primarily designed for intermediary and senior documentary filmmakers, authors and producers, who have acquired experiences both in producing contents with/for broadcasters (but still lack access), and are willing to extend their production possibilities to new sectors (i.e. the non-profit), new forms and new platforms (i.e. internet).
We also welcome NGO-communication representatives and professionals from the new media sector, who are eager to learn about new forms of storytelling, about combining creative documentary with social communication and advocacy intents.

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