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03-09-2021 The industry in...

The San Sebastian Film Festival will take place between the 17th and 25th of September. The festival will be held on site, but the Industry...

10-09-2021 Festivals

'Costa Brava Lebanon', 'El buen patrón', 'Sis dies corrents', 'Sedimentos'. BFI Film Festival will take place in Lo...

27-07-2021 The industry in...

The 17th edition of the Lau Haizetera Forum will take place between the 20th and 22nd of Septem...

17-09-2021 The industry in...

The 54th Edition of Sitges Film Festival will be held between the 7th and 17th of October. The festival will b...


Festival de Woodstock 2021

United States - Woodstock

29/09/2021 - 03/10/2021

Holland Film Meeting Co-production Platform 2021

Netherlands - Utrecht

30/09/2021 - 02/10/2021

GAZE International LGBT Film Festival 2021

Ireland - Dublin

29/09/2021 - 03/10/2021

Tokyo Game Show 2021

Japan - Tokyo

30/09/2021 - 03/10/2021


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