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Dona't d'alta a la base de dades de produccions, empreses i professionals de Catalan Films & TV.

Série Series is a non-competitive event, reserved for fiction or cross-over series but open to all formats. Series are systematically presented through a discussion with the creative team.

You can send your European series (season 1 only) – completed or still in production – and take a chance to be part of the 2019 programme of Série Series. 

The editorial committee will select projects in various stages of development, presented in 3 categories:

  • Screening and case studies of series with at least one episode ready for July 2019, either unreleased or very recent.
  • In the pipeline: presentation of projects shooting or in postproduction in July 2019 through a case study and a screening of unreleased clips.
  • What’s Next?: presentation of projects in the writing phase, already backed by a broadcaster.

Projects must be submitted through this form.

Contact: Marie Cordier
Tel.: +33 9 52 10 56 08

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