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Cinemes Girona

Situated at the border of two of Barcelona's most emblematic neighbourhoods, Gràcia and Eixample, Cinemes Girona started its journey in 2010, when a group of producers, distributors and exhibitors joined efforts to avoid losing another movie theatre. From the beginning, two complementary lines have clearly marked our programming: the defense of diversity and the defense of local talent. On our billboards you will find the best films of European cinema, but also weekly Asian and Latin American cinema sessions, thanks to the long time, ongoing collaboration with Casa Asia and Casa Amèrica de Catalunya, which design a high quality programming and help in advertising. On the other hand, we try to give visibility to national productions. We believe that supporting local creators is consistent with our obligations, so as to forge ahead with a long tradition of excellent local filmmakers.

Getting young audiences back is one of our priorities as a movie theatre. We have a policy of affordable prices for families and we collaborate in all Film Schools and with all the organizations that work for the promotion of cinema among young audiences and schoolchildren. We are very pleased to see how our movie theatre, with only 3 rooms, has become a benchmark for the city. An open space for talent and diverse proposals. Open to ideas through images.

Sector: Otros
President: Toni Espinosa
Contact: Toni Espinosa
Address: Girona 175 08037 Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
+34 931 184 531 /
Communication contact: Maria Àngels Amorós Cortiella