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Documentary Series, Other Plataforms - Internet is a studio at Barcelona devoted to project and to produce videos and websites for documentary purposes, in particular, on science and technology. It offers services of scripting and contents for producers, advertisement agencies, publishers and, in general, for companies and institutions who want to communicate ideas, processes and techniques through audiovisual media. creates and helps to create attractive and reliable images for the description of reality and the dissemination of knowledge.

Sector: Productora
President: Xavier Berenguer
Contact: Ariadna Berenguer
Address: Blai, 28, 5-1 8004 Barcelona
Barcelona, Catalonia
+34 695 250079 /
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2016 / Xavier Berenguer

2014 / Xavier Berenguer

2006 / Xavier Berenguer

2001 / Xavier Berenguer

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