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Fausto Producciones

Feature Film, Short Film, TV Movie, Miniseries

FAUSTO PRODUCCIONES, S.L. was created in 1998 with the aim of making possible the future film FAUSTO 5.0 and from then on to focus on the production of long feature films and television programs.
To date, Fausto p.c. has produced more than twenty projects for both cinema and TV, strengthening its collaboration with TV channels as well as with national and international productions.
In addition to producing its own projects, Fausto p.c. provides production services to international producers that want to shoot in Spain.
Our goal is to create, develop and produce innovative and quality content for the cinematographic and television industries.
Fausto Producciones is formed by Ramon Vidal, Isidro Ortiz and Arantxa Zunzunegui.

Sector: Productora
President: Ramón Vidal
Contact: Ramon Vidal
Address: Medes 4-6 08023 Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
+34 933 026 200 /
All filmography

2014 / Luís Marías

2013 / Dácil Pérez de Guzmán

2012 / Óscar Aibar

2012 / Llorenç Castañer

2011 / Ricard Reguant

2011 / Isidro Ortiz

2010 / Salvador Calvo

2009 / Carlos Pérez Ferre

2009 / Jaime Botella

2008 / Jesús Font

2008 / Isidro Ortiz

2007 / Rafa Cortés

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