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Just Films

Feature Film, Short Film, TV Movie, Documentary

Just Films is an audiovisual and cinema production company that has produced films such as ''The Nameless'' (Jaume Balagueró, 1999), ''The Second Name'' (Paco Plaza, 2002) and ''Fragile'' (Jaume Balagueró, 2005). All of these films fit into the fantasy genre, and they were shot in English to open up the opportunities for their distribution around the world. Just Films plans to continue to work along these lines, producing quality films in the fantasy genre, while at the same time broadening its horizons to include other genres such as comedy and historical films.

Sector: Productora
President: Joan Ginard Gracia
Address: Aragó, 14, 3er 2a 08015 Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 363 06 66 / fax: +34 93 363 10 90
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2012 / Diego Latorre

2009 / Óscar Martín García

2008 / Carles Torras

2007 / Juan Carlos Claver

2007 / Pau Martinez

2006 / Pau Martínez

2005 / Jorge Algora

2005 / Lluís Quílez

2004 / Jaume Balagueró

2001 / Paco Plaza

2001 / Javier Domingo

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