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Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente - BAFICI 2020

15/04/2020 - 26/04/2020




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It is the largest and most prestigious event for independent cinema in Latin America. The festival integrates and brings together established directors and new talents from all over the world through its extensive programming. Its programming includes five competitive sections between short films and feature films.

Official competition

  • International Official Competition: First, second and third national and international feature films participate, which have not had a premiere in Argentina.
  • Argentine Official Competition: Argentine feature films that have not had a premiere or pre-premiere in Argentina participate, prioritizing world or international premieres.
  • Argentine Official Short Film Competition: " "
  • Latin American Official Competition: " "
  • Vanguard and Gender Competition: " "
  • Human Rights Competition: " "
  • Unofficial competitions.

Catalan Films & TV organizes a shipment of Catalan productions at the festival.


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