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Festival Internacional de Cine Barcelona-Sant Jordi- BCN Film Fest 2019

22/04/2019 - 30/04/2019




More information:

The Barcelona Sant-Jordi International Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as BCN FILM FEST) has as main goal the offer of a selection of international films linked in a wide sense to the fields of Literature and/or History. Prefered films for the festival are the book adaptations, film productions based on or related to historical events and biopics about relevant figures.  

The BCN FILM FEST has the will of spreading and promoting film culture in the city of Barcelona with a program that combines the  quality of films with artistic ambitions and the entertaiment of movies aimed to wider audiences.

The BCN FILM FEST pledges for the didactic posibilities of films and because of that a selection of its program is aimed to schools. The goal of this selection is that teachers and students can use some films as educational resources to go in depth into some subjects of study or discuss better certain topics.

The films of the BCN FILM FEST program are selected by a commitee of members of the organization of the festival.  In the case of foreign films the screenings will always be in original version with Spanish or Catalan subtitles.


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