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Jihlava International Documentary Film 2021

26/10/2021 - 31/10/2021

More information:

The idea of creating an event known by its current title - Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival - was conceived in the minds of a group of high school students in Jihlava in 1997. And because the words were soon made reality, every autumn the IDFF of Ji.hlava gathered dozens and later hundreds and thousands of spectators, directors, producers, film critics, journalists, friends and relatives of documentary film to spend several days "thinking about cinema" . Today, almost 25 years later, they can proudly say that this celebration of creative documentary film has long been recognized as the most important event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe.


  • Best World Documentary - Opus Bonum;
  • Best Central and Eastern European Documentary Film - Between the Seas;
  • Best Czech Documentary Film - Czech Joy;
  • Best student documentary film from Central and Eastern Europe;
  • Best international feature documentary debut film;
  • Best international experimental film;
  • Best Czech experimental film;
  • Best international short documentary film;
  • Best international documentary film with political and historical implications, ecology and environmental issues

Catalan Films & TV organizes a shipment of Catalan productions at the festival.

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