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Premiers Plans d'Anger 2021

25/01/2021 - 31/01/2021


Films submission


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Revealing new European directors through a selection of a hundred first films, this is one of the main objective of the Festival.The public readings of first feature and short scripts are also part of the competition. young European filmmakers are invited to Angers to present their first films to the audience, industry professionals and press.


  • EUROPEAN FIRST OR SECOND FEATURE FILMS - First or second feature films (previous feature films, either on video formats or made for television, are not considered). Produced or co-produced mainly in Europe.
  • DIAGONALES - First films (previous feature films, either on video formats or made for television, are not considered) - Produced or co-produced mainly in Europe
  • EUROPEAN FIRST SHORT FILMS - Produced or co-produced in Europe (*) (not student films)
  • FRENCH FIRST SHORT FILMS - Produced or co-produced in France (not student films)
  • FEUROPEAN STUDENT FILMS - Produced or co-produced in a European (*) film school or university
  • EUROPEAN ANIMATED FILMS - First short film or student film
  • AIR NUMÉRIQUE - Films including internet in their creation or diffusion process - And/or VR


  • NEXT SHOTS, a selection of films by young directors following their discovery at the Festival
  • MY FIRST SESSION, various programs of European short films to discover from 3 years old
  • FROM THE PAGE TO THE SCREEN, public reading of the short film already shot following by the screening of the film.

Catalan Films & TV organizes a shipment of Catalan productions at the festival.

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