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BAFICI selects 4 Catalan films

'Estiu 1993', 'La mort de Louis XIV', 'Nuestra amiga la luna' and L'Amatore

This year's edition of BAFICI (Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Buenos Aires), which will be held from the 19th to 30th April in Buenos Aires, includes 4 Catalan films in its line-up.

Carla Simon's debut Estiu 1993/Summer 1993 (Inicia Films, Avalon)  will be competing in the International Official Competition section.

For its part, La mort de LLuís XIV/The Death of Louis XIV  by Albert Serra will be shown in the Trayectorias section and the short film Nuestra amiga la luna/Our Friend the Moon by Velasco Broca (Terranova, Bravo Tango Zulu) in the Competencia Vanguardia y Género section.

Finally, the Arte section will be featuring the feature documentary  L'amatore by Maria Mauti (Zucre Films, MP1).




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