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BFI London Film Festival selects 5 Catalan productions


'Costa Brava Lebanon', 'El buen patrón', 'Sis dies corrents', 'Sedimentos', 'The hand that Sings'

'Costa Brava Lebanon', 'El buen patrón', 'Sis dies corrents', 'Sedimentos', 'The hand that Sings'.  BFI Film Festival will take place in London, from the 6thto the 17thof October and 4 Catalan productions are part of the festival’s programme.  

Costa Brava Lebanon, by Mounia Akl and co-written by director and scriptwriter Clara Roquet (Lastor Media, Snowglobe, Abbo Productions, Cine Defacto, Fox in the snow) will take part in the competitive section, dedicated to first features, First feature competition. This film has been globally premiered recently in the Orizzonti extra section of Venice International Film Festival. The project participated in different international labs and workshops like Residence Cinémafondation, Torino Film Lab or Sundance Institute Lab. 

Another two Catalan productions will be part of the Laugh section, dedicated to humor in all its forms. El buen Patrón, by Fernando León de Aranoa (The Mediapro Studio, Reposado Producciones Cinematográficas) will have its world premiere in San Sebastian International Film Festival. With Javier Bardem in the lead role, the film becomes a satire about personal and professional relationships. 

The second movie participating in the same Laughs ection is Sis dies corrents, by Neus Ballús,(Distinto Films, El Kinograf). After winning the award for best actor at Locarno Film Festival, the film continues its path through the most prestigious international festivals. The movie follows a young Moroccan plumber who, in order to get through his one-week probationary contract, has to deal with equally eccentric colleagues and customers. 

The hybrid documentary Sedimentos, by Adrián Silvestre, (Adrián Silvestre, Testamento producciones) which premiered in the Malaga Film Festival and was awarded in Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, has been selected to compete in the Journey section, which transports its audience and shifts their perspective. The film is a portrait of a collective of trans women who will share an intense week of traveling through unusual natural places, exploring the ins and outs of their own personalities, looking for answers about what unites them and dealing with their differences. It is the present radiography of a collective, which looks into the past and projects itself into the future, celebrating the extraordinary possibility of being unique and unrepeatable.

Lastly, the documentary short The hand that Sings / La mano que canta, by Alma Söderberg and Alex Reynolds, (La Chula Productions, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Kunstencentrum BUDA, IAC Malmö and The Art Academy, Bergen - Social Acoustics: Communities in Movement) will take part in the Experimenta - Thinking with othe Senses section,  which gathers films that imagine new multisensory ways to relate to natural phenomena. The short builds a web of connecting gestures, voicings, and images in time. Both free-form and minutely composed, The Hand that Sings proposes a lyrical interplay of correspondences where bodies, landscape, and the camera jointly perform, attuned to one another.



United Kingdom - London

06/10/2021 - 17/10/2021

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