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Catalan cinema at International Film Festival Rotterdam


'Les Unwanted de Europa' , 'Anchor & Hope' and the short film 'Mountain Plain Mountain'

The International Film Festival Rotterdam which will be held from January 24th to february 4th includes 3 Catalan films in its line-up. 

The film Les Unwanted de Europa by Fabrizio Ferraro and produced by Lluís MIñarro and Passepartout has been selected to participate in A History of Shadows, a sprawling thematic programme, part of the Perspectives section, that deals with the ways in which cinema revisits and re-evaluates the past and the position of history’s losers.

Furthermore, Anchor and Hope by Carlos Marqués-Marcet (Lastor Media, Somos la Panda, Vennerfilms) will be shown within the Visions section.

What's more, the Catalan short film  Mountain Plain Mountain by Araki Yu and Daniel Jacoby will compete in the  Ammodo Tiger Short Competition section, Bright Future, and Shadows by Noemi Sjöberg will particiate at the Bright Future shorts section.   

The coproduction market Cinemart and the Rotterdam Lab, a 5-day training workshop for young and emerging producers,  will be held in parallel to the festival. Thanks to the collaboration of Catalan Films & TV, two Catalan emerging producers have been selected to attend this year's edition:  Andrés Mellinas and Mireia Graell.



Netherlands - Rotterdam

26/01/2018 - 02/02/2018

Sector: Documentaries, Fiction


Netherlands - Rotterdam

24/01/2018 - 04/02/2018

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