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Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival selects nine Catalan films


The festival will be held from the 13th to the 29th of November

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival has selected nine Catalan productions. Two of them will participate in the official selection: Armugan (Shaktimetta) by the director and screenwriter Jo Sol (Fake Orgasm and Living and Other Fictions) who tells the story of Armugan, a man who lives in a remote valley of the Aragonese Pyrenees and who helps people to die, that is why it is feared by the majority of them, for its power to make the fear of dying disappear. It is a film that is considered deeply philosophical because it raises taboos such as death and euthanasia.

The second production is Baby (La Charito Films, Fragil Zinema) by Juanma Bajo Ulloa, which made its world premiere at the Sitges Festival and which shows the story of a drug addict woman who gives birth to her son and decides to give him to an old midwife. Later on, she regrets it and fights to get her son back. In orther to do this, she must face her fears and overcome them.

In addition, in the Current Waves section, which hosts films presented to renowned international festivals, four Catalan productions participate: the animated feature Josep, by Aurel (Inmagic, Les Films de Ici), one of the films that has the seal of the official section of this year's Cannes Festival, The Barcelona Vampiress, by Lluís Danés (Brutal Media, TV3 - Televisió de Catalunya - CCMA, Filmax), premiered at the Sitges Festival, The People Upstairs, by Cesc Gay (Imposible Films, Sentimentalfilm AIE ) which made its world premiere at the San Sebastián Film Festival and Álvaro Díaz's film, Wishlist (A Contracorriente Films, Spal Films, Oleum Films AIE), premiered at the Malaga Film Festival.

While in the JF Children 's Competition section we find the film by David Ilundain, One for all (Fasten Films, Inicia Films, A Contracorriente Films, Bolo Audiovisual) starring David Verdaguer who plays the role of a primary school teacher who faces a class with new students, including a child who's been diagnosed with cancer and the rest of his classmates do not accept his presence due to his past as an bully.

At the same time, short film Panthers, by Èrika Sánchez (Antivaho Cinematográfico) will compete at Shorts Alternatives/Queer 2: Femme Like You section. The film is part  of the Shortcat 2020 and continues its film festivals success. Also, Broken Groots, by Alberto Gross (ESCAC Films) has been selected in Shorts New Talents Competition: Live-action section. The short film shows a family divorce and specifically it focuses on the two brothers, Sergio and Marc. One wants to live with his mother and the other with his father. The lesson reflected is that a divorce not only destroys a marriage, but an entire family.

Finally, in the festival market, the Industry@Tallin & Baltic Event we find a project with the participation of Catalan talent: A Film About Couples directed by Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada, and co-produced by Pablo Mustonen and Fábula Films selected in the International section Works in Progress.



Estonia - Tallinn

23/11/2020 - 27/11/2020

Sector: Fiction, Television


Estonia - Tallin

13/11/2020 - 29/11/2020

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