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Dona't d'alta a la base de dades de produccions, empreses i professionals de Catalan Films & TV.
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“The data provided by means of this form will be added to the automated database owned by  CATALAN FILMS & TV, with registered address at Passatge de la Banca, 1-3, 1a planta, 08002 Barcelona, holding tax identification number  0801212 B, created in accordance with Resolution CLT/3113/2005, of 24 October 2005, published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia (DOCG) 4505, on 8.11.2005 (hereinafter referred to as CATALAN FILMS & TV); for processing in accordance with the purpose pursued by the database of Catalan audiovisual productions, professionals and companies, and accessible on the website, which aims to disseminate the audiovisual production activities carried out in Catalonia, to serve as a directory of Catalan companies and productions, to facilitate contact with these companies, and to allow Catalan production companies to subscribe to the services that may be offered at any time by CATALAN FILMS & TV.
The abovementioned data, together with other information and graphic, photographic or audiovisual material provided by means of the form, will be accessible to users of the website for the purposes described above, except in relation to the fields in the form that are expressly indicated as being confidential. The graphic, photographic or audiovisual material will be made available to the users of the website for viewing or streaming, without the option of permanently downloading and storing them on the user’s hard drive, and subject to any other limitations established by whoever facilitates them.
The data, information and graphic, photographic and audiovisual material mentioned above may also be used by CATALAN FILMS & TV to prepare an annual catalogue of audiovisual productions made in Catalonia, as well as for their use in any other catalogue, study, publication, broadcast and advertising of the activities carried out by CATALAN FILMS & TV, irrespective of the format, support and technology used for its preparation, distribution or provision, and regardless of whether CATALAN FILMS & TV does this itself, in collaboration, or through third parties. The submission of this form by the established means implies the granting of the necessary authorisation for the uses described above.
The provision by the person who signs this form of the data, information, works and materials is optional and in no way mandatory. The person who signs the form is responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data and information provided, as well as for having, or having obtained, the necessary ownership and rights over the works and materials provided, in order to authorise their use as described above. The person who signs the form guarantees the peaceful use by CATALAN FILMS & TV and other authorised persons of the data, information, works and materials mentioned, provided that this is for the intended purpose, releasing CATALAN FILMS & TV and other authorised persons from any liability arising from the misrepresentation, inaccuracy, restriction of use or absence of ownership of the data, information, works and materials provided.
The authorisation granted by virtue of this form in relation to the use of the works and materials provided may be revoked at any time through any of the methods envisaged in the previous paragraph, in accordance with the requirements stipulated therein. When sent by email or post, this revocation will not go into effect until one week after it has been received by CATALAN FILMS & TV.”

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