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Production companies

Sinaí, 10, 4t 3a
08035 Barcelona, Catalonia

Contact Laia Suru Valverde

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Technical details

  • Year: 2020

  • Type: Documentary - Short Film

  • Genre: Documentary

  • Audience: TBC

  • Runtime: 15.00 '

  • Original version: Spanish

  • Format: Colour, HD, Dolby Digital,

  • Status: Completed


Visual symphony led by the voices of eight women over 60 who reflect on the conception of their own bodies, within the framework of a patriarchal system that continually attacks them. Between documentary and video art, this is a sensory journey that confronts the stereotype that only conceives of elderly women as complacent, vulnerable and dependent beings. [B]Ellas is a vindication of women’s right to age and it does so from the affirmation of their experiences, their bodies, their abilities, their wrinkles and their beauty.


Festival de Málaga 2021

Spain - Màlaga

03/06/2021 - 13/06/2021

Generalitat de Catalunya Generalitat de Catalunya