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El andar del borracho


Production companies

Plaça de la Farinera, 9
08222 Tarrassa, Catalonia

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Technical details

  • Year: 2016

  • Type: Fiction - Short Film

  • Genre: Black Comedy

  • Audience: General Audiences

  • Runtime: 15.00 '

  • Original version: Spanish

  • Subtitled versions: English

  • Format: Colour, Other, Digital 5.1,

  • Status: Completed


Like drunkards, particles in space cannot move in straight lines due to external forces. They are immersed in an uncontrollable chaos that makes them change their trajectory again and again. Just like elements in nature. Just like big objects. Just like people.


Gijon International Film Festival 2017

Spain - Gijon

17/11/2017 - 25/11/2017

SEMINCI - Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid 2016

Spain - Valladolid

22/10/2016 - 29/10/2016

Generalitat de Catalunya Generalitat de Catalunya