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Gente hablando


Production companies

Gran de Gràcia 140 1r 2a B
08012 Barcelona, Catalonia

Contact Oriol Marcos

+34 934 412 387
fax: +34 934 412 387

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Av. Isla Graciosa 13
28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes, Spain

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Gente hablando is a series that deals with universal themes through conversations between two characters. The situations present original points of view that seek to generate a reflection, leaving it to the viewer to draw their own conclusions.
Comedy is a fundamental part of Gente hablando and is present in both situations and dialogues, through a biting and subtle humor that reveals those small contradictions that are part of us.
It is simply a peephole through which the viewer can observe a private conversation between two people at a very specific moment in their lives.


Séries Mania 2019

France - Lille

22/03/2019 - 30/03/2019