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Grandpa's Blues


Production companies

Vitoria, 4
43895 La Ampolla, Catalonia

Contact Mario Pons Múria

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Technical details

  • Year: 2014

  • Type: Documentary - Feature Film

  • Genre: Adventure

  • Audience: General Audiences

  • Runtime: 90.00 '

  • Original version: English , Spanish , Catalan

  • Other available versions: English , Catalan

  • Subtitled versions: English , Catalan

  • Format: Colour, HDTV, Dolby Stereo,

  • Status: Production

cast and crew


As the Ebro River Delta slowly sinks into the sea, its old lighthouse, Buda, which was once the tallest in the world, has been lying at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea for fifty years now. Beltran, a film director and singer of the traditional folk song—the Jota—in the lower Ebro River area, has just been evicted by the bank. So, he sets out on a journey that leads him to seek work as a sailor on an oil tanker that is heading to Houston. The result is a thrilling story of survival between two river deltas: the Ebro and the Mississippi. Drawing an imaginary line with the Afro-American blues of the swamps of Louisiana, with the slow beat of the river’s flow, Beltran searches for a new light that will set him back on course.

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