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Mercè d'Horta


Production companies

Llull 47-49, 5è 5a
08005 Barcelona, Catalonia

Contact Albert Baquero Roig

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Technical details

  • Year: 2019

  • Type: Fiction - Websèries

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Audience: Adults

  • Runtime: 10.00 ' x 4

  • Original version: Catalan

  • Format: Colour, HD, Other,

  • Status: Post-production

cast and crew

With the collaboration of



Mercè d'Horta is a comedy series about the poet of Barcelona. Not a poet from Barcelona. The poet of Barcelona. The unconditional love that Mercè feels for the city is her greatest inspiration.

Mercè from Horta is a love story, between the poet and city, and as in all love stories, this relationship has its ups and downs. Through Mercè d’Horta you’re going to discover the hidden face of the most cultural, cosmopolitan, and open Barcelona.



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