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Mía and Moi


Production companies

Passeig Jordi Rius i Bou 4, 3r 3a
08292 Esparreguera, Catalonia

Contact Toni Espinosa

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Technical details

  • Year: 2020

  • Type: Fiction - Feature Film

  • Genre: Drama

  • Audience: TBC

  • Runtime: 90.00 '

  • Original version: Spanish

  • Format: Colour, 2 K, Digital 5.1,

  • Status: Released


After losing their mother, Mia and Moi take refuge in a ramshackle family home in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere. With them is Biel, Moi’s boyfriend.

Together, the three of them try to rest and heal wounds, especially Moi, who is recovering from a serious nervous breakdown. These are days of evoking family memories, some of them painful, of coming together and of living without hurry.

The arrival of Mikel, Mia’s boyfriend, will disturb their coexistence and perturb each character in a different way. The tension will rise until exploding in a violent act with irreversible consequences.





D'A Film Festival Barcelona 2021

Catalonia - Barcelona

29/04/2021 - 09/05/2021

Generalitat de Catalunya Generalitat de Catalunya