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One More Year


Production companies

Les Roques, 35
17820 Banyoles, Catalonia

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Technical details

  • Year: 2019

  • Premier date: 22-11-2019

  • Type: Documentary - Feature Film

  • Genre: Documentary

  • Audience: +13

  • Runtime: 70.00 '

  • Original version: Spanish

  • Format: Colour, 2 K, HD, Dolby Stereo,

  • Status: Released

  • Web: http://

cast and crew


Paco Bernal decided, despite the adversities he faced and his functional diversity, to celebrate his fifty-fourth birthday party. Rosa, his sister, with the help of a small circle of friends, arranged the preparations for the event, which had been held for years. Paco's birthday has become an example of resistance and the victory of life, both for himself and for those around him. His functional diversity, his health problems and his relationship with society are three factors that have marked his personality and have deepened his inner strength, allowing him to continue enjoying life and his passion for painting year after year.

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