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Production companies

Aragó 217, 5º
08007 Barcelona, Catalonia

Contact Àngels Masclans

+34 934 512 560
fax: +34 934 515 140

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Domestic distribution

Avda Europa, 16, chalet 1
28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain


+34 913 528 376
fax: +34 913 528 371

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Sold territories


Technical details

  • Year: 2004

  • Type: Fiction - Feature Film

  • Genre: Documentary

  • Audience: General Audiences

  • Runtime: 94.00 '

  • Original version: Spanish , Catalan

  • Format: Colour, B&W, 35mm, Dolby Digital,

  • Status: Completed

cast and crew


''The magicians'' returns to a school in the Catalan town of Sant Julià de Vilatorta where, in 1937, in the midst of the Spanish Civil War, an amateur film-maker in hiding made an adventure film using the children from an orphanage as actors. The protagonists relive those childhood days when they changed their school uniforms for turbans and exotic costumes, while reality imposed its own fancy dress ball, inside and outside their school, military uniforms and priests dressed as civilians.