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Boogaloo Films

Feature Film, Short Film, Formats, Feature Film, Television, Short Film

Boogaloo Films is a young film production company based in Barcelona.
We've produced feature films like "Les Perseides" by Alberto Dexeus and Ànnia Gabarró or "I Want the Eternal" by Miguel Ángel Blanca, documentaries like "Hayati (my life)" by Sofi Escudé and Liliana Torres or "Nobody's Home" by Ingrid Guardiola as well as multi-awarded short films like ''Amistad'' by Alejandro Marzoa, ''Leyenda'' by Pau Teixidor or "Run Glow Light Light" by Miguel Ángel Blanca.

Sector: Productora
President: Bernat Manzano
Contact: Bernat Manzano Vall
Address: Magalhães, 54 08004 Barcelona
Barcelona, Catalonia
+34 938 322 923 /
All filmography

2022 / Pablo Gil Rituerto

2022 / Miguel Ángel Blanca

2021 / Miguel Ángel Blanca

2021 / Laura Sisteró Carmona

2021 / Elena Molina

2021 / Alberto Dexeus

2019 / Alberto Dexeus, Ànnia Gabarró

2019 / Liliana Torres, Sofi Escudé

2019 / Oriol Rovira

2019 / Clàudia Munuera

2019 / Celia Giraldo