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Cromosoma, founded in 1988 in Spain, is an audiovisual production company focused on animation. Its biggest success,
The Triplets, an animated series for children, has let them develop many projects, such as Asha and Lila (in production), without forgetting the classical Tom, the dinosaur, Miniman, Juanito Jones and The BabyTriplets.
For the next two years, Cromosoma is preparing two new animated series (one for adults, and another one for 12-16
years people), all of them in HD and 16:9 format, with availability for the emerging platforms such as Internet and mobile phones.
Because Cromosoma is aware of the every time more important multiplatform content, and so the company has founded Digital 360º, to produce digital contents in different formats and genres, using only digital technology (2D digital animation- Harmony, Flash and other softwares paperless such as 3D, MOCAP...).
The company is also analyzing for 2010 the development of two featured films based on Cromosoma's characters, and a humour animated series for adults.

Sector: Productora
President: Oriol Ivern
Contact: Trini Cuevas González
Address: Perú, 174 08020 Barcelona
Barcelona, Catalonia
+34 93 266 42 66 / fax: +34 93 266 40 14
Production contact: Dani Martínez Dalmau
Communication contact: Maria Ivern Cirera
Distribution contact: Trini Cuevas González
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2012 / Àlex Brendemühl

2011 / Cesc Gay, Baltasar Pedrosa

2011 / Ignacio Ferreras

2011 / Eva Vila

2011 / Jordi Muray

2011 / Dirk Hampel

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2010 / Lluis Galter

2010 / David Fernández de Castro

2010 / María Gorgues

2009 / Carles Bosch