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ECIB (Escola de Cinema de Barcelona)

Short Film, Feature Film, Television, Short Film, Short Film

2Mentes is a producer set up to shape projects
promoted by students of the Barcelona Film School (ECIB).
Since 2015, ECIB is the only school in Catalonia that trains in the University Venues
students in All audiovisual disciplines: fiction, animation and
Until today, the scope of action of the producer had been that of the Short Films,
products in the framework of the educational courses with 1 Pedagogical objective and,
occasionally, some Collaboration with directed professional projects
by principals linked to the school, such as Carles Torras or Lluís Quílez between
of Ministry.
But the school has grown. The students and, consequently, the alumni
they are more and more numerous and their bond with the school does not end with
the completion of His studies. THIS start of the 2019-2020 academic year ECIB ha
inaugurated 01:00 new su that doubles, in space and equipment, the old su of the
Girona street. It is the Moment to channel all THIS Work Done and give
Exit to the projects of those students who during their years of
training have demonstrated 1 Ability and creativity worthy of being supported.
So, in THIS new stage, 2Mentes aims to become a bridge
between the school environment, in which the learning of the
students, and the professional field, in which little by little they are integrated.
Below we include 1 small selection from over 100
Short films that are shot in each school year and that, in a few cases,
have been exhibited and awarded at festivals such as Malaga, Sitges, D'A Film
Festival or Notodofilmfestival.

Sector: Productora
President: Carles Isern
Contact: Sweety Sahijwani
Address: Roger de flor, 7 080018 Barcelona
Barcelona, Catalonia
+34 932 462 615 /
Communication contact: Sweety Sahijwani
All filmography

2021 / Sophia Iribertegui Mayoral

2021 / Arnau Rubio

2020 / Rubén Seca

2019 / Rubén Seca

2019 / Aline Romero

2019 / Eloi Rodriguez Franquesa

2019 / Alba Escalon

2019 / Bonaventure Monplaisir

2018 / Arnau Gòdia

2018 / Pia Gaspar

2018 / Irene Reig