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Grupo Cine Arte

Feature Film, Short Film, Feature Film, Television, Short Film, Short Film

With more than 26 years of experience as a film school, the Centre d'Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya and the production company Grup Cinema Art, both located in the heart of Barcelona, have become an authentic unified centre with an international vision and the mission of offering training, production, research and promotion for new filmmakers, scriptwriters, technicians and actors.

The educational activity combines theory in the diverse areas of cinematography with a consistent, supervised, practical experience capable of bringing together the different aspects of audiovisual production.

The idea is to maximize the students’ technical skills, professionalism and creativity, offering them guidance in the use of cinema’s most modern and classic tools. In a word, the centre aims to provide future professional filmmakers with the broadest scope of opportunities and best possible initiation into the audiovisual world.

Sector: Productora
President: Héctor Faver
Contact: Demian Valenzuela
Address: Ptge. Flaugier 49-51 08041 Barcelona
Barcelona, Catalonia
+34 934 335 501 / fax: +34 934 568 850
Production contact: Cintia Sánchez-Lafuente
Communication contact: Demian Valenzuela
Distribution contact: Eugenia Eugenia Kléber
All filmography

2015 / Luís Aller

2010 / Sánchez Alonso

2010 / Luis Macías

2010 / Mario Custodio

2010 / Julieta Zabaleta Rondón

2010 / Rafael Gómez

2010 / Paco Pérez

2009 / Jakob D. Weydemann

2009 / Pedro Saldaña

2009 / Luhuna Carvalho

2009 / Carles Harillo Magnet

2009 / Àlex Just