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Polar Star Films

Feature Film, Short Film, Documentary Series, Feature Film, Television, Short Film

Established as an independent film producer in 1997, Polar Star Films is led by its founding Managing Director & Executive Producer, Carles Brugueras. Carles’ wealth of experience in the field of advertising production and deep passion for cinema and documentary has been key in the continued success of the company. An established producer of advertising, Polar Star Films has in recent years expanded its activities into new fields including documentary and short fiction. We regularly collaborate with emerging and experienced Directors, Authors and Creatives in the development and production of proposals and scripts.

Sector: Productora
President: Carles Brugueras
Contact: Marieke van den Bersselaar
Address: Rosselló, 320, local 1 08025 Barcelona
Barcelona, Catalonia
+34 932 004 777 / fax: +34 932 004 787
All filmography

2022 / Peter Porta

2021 / Sissel Morell Dargis

2020 / Isabel Fernández

2020 / Meritxell Colell

2020 / Denis Delestrac

2020 / Mayte Carrasco, Marcel Mettelsiefen

2020 / Mayte Carrasco, Marcel Mettelsiefen

2020 / Xavi Artigas

2019 / Marc Parramon, David Fernández de Castro

2018 / Xavier Artigas, Xapo Ortega