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Segarra Films

Feature Film

Segarra Films is an independent production and distribution company from Barcelona founded in 2010.

Focused on feature films, we are involved in all stages of production, from development to distribution - a formula that guarantees high quality content and the independence to make our own choices in every step of the filmmaking process. After several years working on our projects, both fiction and documentary, we have recently updated our mission by adding international distribution. Thanks to the excellent experience distributing our films (CATALUNYA ÜBER ALLES was the most viewed film in Catalan language the year of its release), we have decided to make the most of our expertise and expand our catalog with independent movies from around the globe.

Sector: Productora
President: Ramon Térmens
Contact: Ramon Térmens
Address: Juan de Garay, 13-17, Local 1 08041 Barcelona
Barcelona, Catalonia
+34 934 087 135 / fax: +34 934 087 135
Production contact: Ramon Térmens
Communication contact: Xènia Puiggrós
Distribution contact: Xènia Puiggrós
All filmography

2020 / Ramon Termens

2020 / Héctor Fáver

2014 / Ramon Termens

2010 / Ramon Termens

2009 / Ramon Termens

2007 / Peter Sehr, Marie Noelle

2007 / J. A. Salgot

2006 / Thomas C.Dunn

2003 / Ramon Termens, Carles Torras

2000 / Jo Sol