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40% of the Spanish film industry is based in Catalonia, a region that produces around 80 films per year. Being a small market, Catalan production companies have always been interested in finding foreign partners to work on their films, and the region offers various mechanisms and incentives that benefit film co-productions. A total of 18 international co-productions were made in 2018: 9 were majority coproduction, 8 minority coproduction and 1 was an equal coproduction, . 

Catalan Films & TV offers Catalan production houses the possibility of attending the most important international markets so they can find foreign financing for their projects. In addition, it also advises production companies from other countries interested in co-producing with Catalonia and facilitates the contact between both businesses.



A new Minority Coproduction Fund has been announced by ICEC in 2020. The purpose of this fund is to support the production of fiction, documentary and animated feature films with a minority Catalan share. The objective is to foster creative, professional and artistic exchange between Catalonia and the rest of the world. And to support films of high artistic quality and production value that may reach a national and international audience.

  • The following aspects are considered in the assessment of applications:
    • The quality of the screenplay, along with the specification of the project’s creative aspects.
    • The proposal of the creative, technical and artistic team in keeping with the type of project, the creative proposal and production design.
    • The potential for distribution in Catalonia and Spain and for screening at international festivals.
    • Collaboration between the international and Catalan producers.
    • The applicant company’s track record.
    • The economic viability of the project.
    • Fostering of gender equality.
  • Amount: Maximum 300,000€, up to max. 60% of the local producer’s share
  • Who can apply? The application must be submitted by a local production company.
  • Basic Requirements
    • Spanish share:  Bipartite international productions – minimum 20% / maximum 49%. 
    • Multipartite international productions – neither majority nor less than 10%.
    • Coproducer participation must be creative, technical and artistic, effectively proportionate to their percentage share in the project.
    • Financing must be guaranteed for 40% of the project’s total budget.
    • The feature film must be released in commercial cinemas in Catalonia.
    • The international coproduction must have the official approval of the majority country at the time of the application.
    • If you want more information about the types of incentives offered to co-productions in Catalonia please check the guide “Shoot & Co-produce”.

Current coproduction agreements:

  • Bilateral: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Tunisia, Venezuela
  • Multilateral: Latin-American, European

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Terms, application and deadlines



Catalonia is a window that will allow any international producer to access a mix of regional funds, state funds and international funds such as Ibermedia, Media or Eurimages.

ICEC (Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies) is the agency responsible for supporting film production and cinema with lines that can support from the development to the exhibition. With a strong support to the production of features, documentaries and animation. On 2020 the general budget of the catalan film fund is 17,2M€.

On the following brochure you’ll be able to have a more detailed look of what Catalonia has to offer at a funding level.

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Spain offers tax incentives for international shoots in the form of a tax rebate of up to 30%. Production service companies based in Spain are essential when it comes to applying for these tax incentives and benefits, as well as for other production assistance and inland revenue enquiries.

In order to obtain these incentives, the company must spend a minimum of one million Euros in the country, employ a percentage of local staff, and the incentives plus grants can never be higher than the equivalent of 50% of the production costs. There are also incentives available to national shoots and co-productions.

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If you want to know which companies have co-produced with Catalonia, please use the search engine provided.