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Göteborg International Film Festival 2021

29/01/2021 - 08/02/2021


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More information:

The Gothenburg Film Festival is the largest film festival in Scandinavia. Every year, a group of festival producers travel around the world in search of films to present in Gothenburg. These films are presented during the ten-day festival in late January, creating an audience banquet of close to 450 films from about 80 countries.

Göteborg Film Festival has four competitions for features and documentaries: 

  1. Ingmar Bergman Competition – open for feature films by first and second time directors. 
  2. International Competition – open for non-Nordic feature films and documentaries. 
  3. Nordic Competition – open for feature films from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. 
  4. Nordic Documentary Competition – open for documentaries from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. 

Inscription information

They take applications for:

  • Feature films available on DCP or 35mm. The length must be 50 minutes or longer.
  • Documentaries available on DCP or 35mm. The length must be 50 minutes or longer.

Please note that they do not take applications for international shorts. To be considered for the 44th Göteborg Film Festival the submitted film must have had its first public screening after January 1, 2020. Please note that any screening of the film in Sweden prior to the Festival automatically disqualifies the film from participating in the Göteborg Film Festival. All applications must be made through our website:

They charge an application fee of 35€. This is an administrative fee, and does not guarantee that the film will be selected. The only way to submit a film to the 44th Göteborg Film Festival is to complete the online submission form and pay the entry fee by credit card. The entry fee is non-refundable.

Both the preview copy submitted and the exhibition DCP or 35mm print must be subtitled in English (if the original dialogue is not entirely in English). Unfortunately Göteborg Film Festival doesn’t have the possibility to return DVD’s and hard drives, or to leave detailed feedback on your film other than accepted/not accepted. The program committee’s decision of accepted/not accepted will be announced to you on December 15, 2020 or earlier.

For further questions regarding the international film submission please contact


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