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Italy will be premiering [REC] on 250 screens

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Directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, [REC] is now hitting the international premiere circuit. The magnificent response to the film at the markets can be seen in the envisaged openings in each country. One such case is Italy, which will be premiering the film on 28th February on 250 screens. Another 200 copies were sold to distributors in Germany, where the film will be coming out on 8th May. The film will also be making its way to 190 screens around France on 23rd April. Other scheduled premieres will be taking place in Russia (late March), Portugal (10th April), United Kingdom (11th April) and Benelux (spring), with numbers of copies that have yet to be confirmed. In addition to these openings, [REC] is also taking part in the leading international festivals. On Saturday, 23rd February, the film will be showing at the Glasgow Film Festival, followed by the Oporto International Film Festival- Fantasporto (Oporto- Portugal) on 1st March, and will subsequently be taking part in the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival- AFFF, held in Holland between 9th and 20th April.

Thus far [REC] has won two Goya Awards (Manuela Velasco for Best Actress, and David Gallart for Best Editing), 4 awards at the Sitges Film Festival (Best Actress, Best Director, the Audience Award and the Critics' Award), and three awards at the Gerardmer Film Festival (the Jury Award, the Youth Jury Grand Prize and the Audience Award).

[REC]Directed by: Jaume Balagueró, Paco PlazaProduced by: Filmax Entertainment


Portugal - Porto

29/02/2008 - 08/03/2008

Netherlands - Amterdam

09/04/2008 - 20/04/2008

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