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‘Schoolgirls’ and ‘The Year of the Discovery’ triomph in Forqué Awards


Pilar Palomero's debut film wins the Best Film Award and Luís López Carrasco's production achieves the Best Documentary Film Award


The awards ceremony started up with the Best Documentary Film Award for The Year of the Discovery documentary by (LaCima Producciones, Alina Film, Magnetica Creative Lab, Cromagnon  Producciones) Luís López Carrasco. The film has been very successful in many international festivals and it seems that its success will continue. Its argument is about the industry's failure in Cartagena in 1992 alongside the working class.

The most expected prize was the Best Film Award and it was given to Schoolgirls (Inicia Films, BTEAM Prods) by Pilar Palomero. A production with a long journey through international and national film festivals. The film, with the girls education during the 90s as the main argument, has been awarded with the Biznaga de Oro Malaga's Festival.

Finally, One For All (Fasten Films, Inicia Films, A Contracorriente Films, Bolo Audiovisual) by David Ilundain won the Forqué Award for Cinema and Education and Principles. A film which shows the integration in a primary school of a student who's suffering from a disease. David Verdaguer, the main actor of the film was also nominated for the Best Male Performance but he did not recieve it because Javier Cámara was the winner for his performance in The People Upstairs (Imposible Films, Sentimentalfilm AIE) catalan film by Cesc Gay, a production based on the theatral comedy Els veïns de dalt also written and directed by him.


Spain - Madrid

16/01/2021 - 16/01/2021

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