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Four Catalan productions awarded at the Goya 2015


'El Niño', 'Mortadelo & Filemón: Mission Impalusible', 'Long Distance' and 'Coffee to Go'

Four Catalan films received awards at the 29th celebration of the Spanish Film Academy's Goya Awards on Saturday, 7th February.

Mortadelo & Filemón: Mission Implaussible directed by Javier Fesser (Zeta Cinema) won the Goya for Best Animated Film and Best Adapted Screenplay. El Niño by Daniel Monzón (Ikiru Films, El Niño La Película AIE, La Ferme! Productions, Telecinco Cinema, Vaca Films) won four Goya, for Best song, Best Production Supervision, Best Sound and Best Special Effects.

Director Carlos Marqués-Marcet walked off with the statuette for Best New Director, with his feature film 10.000Km/Long Distance (Lastor Media, La Panda).

Finally, the list of winners with Catalan producers also includes the Goya for Best Short Fiction Film for Coffee to Go/Café para llevar by Patricia Font (Escac Films). This title is also part of the ShortCat 2015 programme for the international promotion of the Catalan short film.



Spain - Madrid

07/02/2015 - 07/02/2015

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