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Catalan productions at summer festivals

Confirmed participation of four Catalan films at Karlovy Vary and one at Locarno

Just as we announced in the last edition of this newsletter, Karlovy Vary is a Class A festival that has always been tight with the Catalan film industry. For proof, we need only consider the four Catalan films that have been slated for the Czech festival this year.

For starters, the official competition section will be featuring La Mosquitera / The Mosquito Net, directed by Agustí Vila, produced by Eddie Saeta and Televisió de Catalunya, and starring Geraldine Chaplin, Martina García, Emma Suárez, Eduard Fernández and Àlex Brendemühl. Also in competition in the Forum of Independents is Circuit, directed by Xavier Ribera and produced by A.M.A.S. and Televisió de Catalunya. The Open Eyes section, which is outside of competition, will be including Manoel de Oliveira's El extraño caso de Angelica / The Strange Case of Angelica, coproduced by Eddie Saeta, Filmes do Tejo, Les films de l'Après-Midi and Mostra Internacional de Cinema. And finally, the prestigious Variety Critic's Choice section has selected the documentary Garbo: l'home que va salvar el món / Garbo: The Man Who Saved the World, directed by Edmond Roch and produced by Ikiru Films, Televisió de Catalunya, Centuria Films and Colosé Producciones.

At the time of closing this newsletter, we have been informed that The Mosquito net has been awarded at Karlovy Vary with the Best Film Crystal Globe and FICC (International Federation of Film Societies) has granted the film its only award, "Don Quixote".

Also worthy of note is the Catalan participation at the Locarno International Film Festival. Just two years ago, in 2008, Daniel Villamediana premiered his first film, El Brau Blau / The Blue Bull in the competitive Filmmakers of the Present section. This year, in 2010, his second film, La Vida Sublime / The Life Sublime, has been chosen to take part in the festival again, in the very same competition section. In a word, it seems that nothing can stop the Catalan industry when it comes to Class A events, not even the summer heat. We hope that September's sweetness and autumn's arrival will continue to treat Catalan productions just as well.


Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary

02/07/2010 - 10/07/2010

Switzerland - Locarno

04/08/2010 - 14/08/2010

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