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Seven Catalan productions make the official sections of Karlovy Vary


ANAS: An Indian Film selected for the competition

With the upcoming 44th celebration of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival set to begin on 3 July, we have already received news of much of the official programme, which features six Catalan films. Thus, the documentary competition will include the participation of ANAS: An Indian Film, by Enric Miró (Astrakán Films and Salto de Eje), which portrays the delirium of a former Palestinian swimming champion who was traumatised by the discovery of the head of a decapitated woman.

Selected for the festival's parallel sections are producer Lluís Miñarro's first foray behind the camera, Familystrip (Eddie Saeta), in Another View; and the thriller 25 kilates / 25 Carat, by Patxi Amézcua (Ovideo TV), in the Variety Critic's Choice.

The Horizons Section will be featuring three more Catalan titles, each of which has  enjoyed a long festival run: Javier Fesser's Camino (Mediapro and Películas Pendelton), which premiered in San Sebastian; Singularidades de una chica rubia / Singularities of a Blonde Girl, by Manoel de Oliveira (Eddie Saeta and Films do Tejo), which also appeared in Berlin, and La teta asustada / The Milks of Sorrow by Claudia Llosa (Oberon Cinematogràfica), the winner of the Golden Bear for Best Film and the FIPRESCI Award at the Berlin Festival.

Finally, the Midnight Screenings Section will be featuring Miguel Martí's Sexykiller (Mediapro, Warner Bros Pictures Int'l Spain and Antena 3 Films). 

Catalan Films & TV has worked particularly closely with the festival, coordinating different screenings in an effort to promote the candidacy of as many Catalan productions as possible.


Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary

03/07/2009 - 11/07/2009

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