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'The Belly of the Sea' and 'Her and I' selected for Rotterdam's Festival second edition


The IFFR Intermational Film Festival Rotterdam focused on recent work by talented new filmmakers, celebrates its 50th-anniversary edition with a mixed format, expressed locally, (inter)nationally, in-person and online as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was held in February and will be celebrating it second edition in June, combining a full programme of events, exhibitions and presentations.

And the second stage will be held on June 2 - 6, where the 50th anniveresary program will be announced as well as the new section Harbour which its main objective is  to show the multidimensional nature of Rotterdam's Festival, and Bright Future, specialised on emerging talent.

The Belly of the Sea/El ventre del mar, directed by Agustí Villalonga (Testamento Producciones, La Perifèrica Produccions, Link-Up Barcelona) has been selected to participate in Harbour, newest and largest programme.wchoing Rotterdam’s port city identity, Harbour becomes the heart of the festival that offers a safe haven to the full range and depth of contemporary cinema shown at IFFR The film, that will be premiered at Moscow International Film Festival (April 22nd-29th) is a movie based on real events. After the wreck of a ship, 147 men try to survive, confined in a raft adrift in the middle of the sea. This shipwreck was immortalized by Théodore Géricault in the famous canvas ‘The Raft of the Medusa’, preserved in the Louvre Museum. The italian writer Alessandro Baricco narrates these events in the novel Oceano Mare, into the chapter titled ‘El Vientre del Mar’. 

What's more, Her and I/Ella i jo, by Jaume Claret, short film which is part of the Shortcat 2021 program, premiered at San Sebastián Film Festival will be competing in the Short&Mid-Lenght section. The film revolves around Queralt, a painter from Barcelona, who tries to talk on the phone with her daughter Gemma. Gemma starts a new life in Athens, in a estudio where she paints and lives in. Her and I l, selected at Ficunam and  Kino Pavasaris-Vilnius, is a film which contains paintings from Roser Agell and Paulina Muxart.

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