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Catalan Cinema at Karlovy Vary


LA MOSQUITERA by Agustí Vila, CIRCUIT by Xavier Ribera-Perpiñá, and the documentary GARBO: L'HOME QUE VA SALVAR EL MÓN, catalan representatives at the Karlovy Vary Festival

It's not official yet, but in a few weeks the Karlovy Vary will be announcing a program with considerable Catalan cinema representation. Information received by Catalan Films & TV has allowed us to determine the outstanding presence of three Catalan films at this Czech festival.

First of all, La Mosquitera, by Agustí Vila, produced by Eddie Saeta and Televisió de Catalunya and starring Geraldine Chaplin, Martina García, Emma Suárez, Eduard Fernández and Àlex Brendemühl. Secondly, the multi-award winning documentary directed by Edmond Roch, Garbo: l'home que va salvar el món, a production from Ikiru Films, Televisió de Catalunya, Centuria Films and Colosé Producciones, will be present in the Variety Critic Choice section.

And finally, Circuit, directed by Xavier Ribera and produced by Amas and Televisió de Catalunya, will be participating in the Forum of Independents in-competition section.

The Karlovy Vary Festival has always strongly acknowledged Catalan cinema, and filmmakers like Enric Miró, Lluís Miñarro, Ventura Pons Agustí Villaronga or Claudia Llosa have been included in its programs.


Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary

02/07/2010 - 10/07/2010

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