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7 Catalan production companies will be attending the DISCOP


The Eastern European content business trade show, DISCOP (20-22 June), is becoming an important event among industry companies, thanks to the presence of television stations and buyers from eastern countries.

Catalan Films & TV will be there for the second time to study the prospects of support for the attending Catalan companies. Heading this market probe will be Carme Puig.

Catalan companies attending with the ICEX/FAPAE umbrella stand:

  • Motion Pictures
  • BRB
  • Lion Toons
  • Cromosoma
  • Icon Animation

Catalan companies with their own stands:

  • Neptuno
  • TV Catalunya

Hungary - Budapest

20/06/2007 - 22/06/2007

Sector: Documentaries, Fiction, Television

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