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Raíces presents its latest productions in the European Film Market


The fund is the product of an agreement between the Catalan government’s Institut Català de les Indústries Culturals (ICIC), the Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales Argentino (INCAA), the Consorcio Audiovisual de Galicia and the Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía.The object of Raíces is to promote co-productions between these territories and strengthen the international reach of their respective audiovisual industries.

Once again they are taking advantage of an international festival, having attended the San Sebastian Festival in September 2006, to reunite production companies involved and show first images from their latest productions. Last year Raíces' schedule included titles such as Abrígate (Oberon Cinematogràfica, Continental Producciones, Polka SB Producciones), Pérez, El Ratoncito De Tus Sueños (Filmax Entertainment, Patagonik Film Group, Castelao) and La Velocidad Funda El Olvido (Factotum, Faro Lérez, Barakacine, Nerverland Films), which received the Best Actor award at the Cairo International Film Festival.

The Berlinale provides an opportunity to present their latest productions: El Niño De Barro (Castelao, SB Producciones, Adivina Producciones), Algo Habrán Hecho (Leyenda Films, Dale Candela, IB Cinema, Karbo Vantas Entertainment) and El Vestido (Factotum, Barakacine, Aldea Films), which have received €450,000 from the second round of funding, raised to a total of €600,000 in this third round.

Raíces is open to feature and documentary film productions, in accord with the Latin-American co-production agreement of 1989, with participation from at least three of the four member territories. Each production company’s contribution may not exceed 20% of a project’s total cost, and companies from other countries or territories may not hold a share greater than 30%. The primary co-producer must be based in a member territory.


Germany - Berlin

08/02/2007 - 18/02/2007

Sector: Documentaries, Fiction, Short films

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