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Five Catalan companies finalists of the Cartoon Tributes

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The city of Girona will be host to the second edition of the Cartoon Tributes, which the European Association of Animation Film awards in recognition of companies' contributions to the development of the European animation industry. The 750-plus participants in the 18th Cartoon Forum (Girona, September 19 - 22) will vote on the winners of the three categories of the Cartoon Tributes: Broadcaster of the Year, Investor/Distributor of the Year and Producer of the Year. Spain and France, with 5 finalists each, are the countries with most nominees. Of the Spanish companies nominated as finalists, all 5 are Catalan or have offices in Catalonia.

  • Televisió de Catalunya: one of 5 candidates for Broadcaster of the Year for being "a driving force for the Catalan animation industry".
  • Luk Internacional: nominated for the category of Investor/Distributor of the Year for its role in introducing European animation into the Spanish market since 1979; and BKN International, based in Catalonia.
  • Two Catalan companies are competing in the category of Producer of the Year: Cromosoma, producer of several successful series with European coproducers; and Neptuno, a company that brings together top local artistic and technical talent with the professionalism of different European partners.


Broadcaster of the Year

  • Cartoon Network Europe (UK/USA)
  • KI.KA (Germany)
  • RAI (Italy)
  • Televisió de Catalunya (Spain)
  • TF1 (France)

Investor/Distributor of the Year

  • BKN International (Germany/UK/Spain)
  • Luk Internacional (Spain)
  • Mediatoon (France)
  • Telescreen (The Netherlands)
  • TV-Loonland (UK/Germany/France)

Producer of the Year

  • Cromosoma (Spain)
  • Marathon (France)
  • Millimages (France)
  • Neptuno (Spain)
  • TV Cartoons (UK)

Organized by CARTOON (European Association of Animation Film) with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, the major partners of Cartoon Forum Catalunya are the Generalitat de Catalunya - Institut Català de les Indústries Culturals (ICIC), Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) and Catalan Films & TV (CF&TV). The event also has the support of the Ajuntament de Girona (Girona City Council), the Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA), MEDIA Antena Catalunya and the Universitat de Girona.


Catalonia - Girona

19/09/2007 - 22/09/2007

Sector: Animation

Spain - Girona

19/09/2007 - 22/09/2007

Sector: Animation

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