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Catalogue 2021

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Discover the new 2021 Catalogue! A comprehensive listing of upcoming and recently completed audiovisual productions made by Catalan companies, with an immense repertoire that takes in everything from the feature film, the documentary and the short film, to the most recent proposals in formats.
Productions in which it has participated

2019 / Erik Morales

2020 / Marc Puig Biel

2021 / Félix Viscarret

2021 / Pablo Lago Dantas

2021 / Luís de Val, Diego Herrero

2022 / Efthymia Zymvragaki

2021 / Arturo Méndiz, Ignasi Guerrero

2021 / Alejandro Cabrera

2020 / Rossana Diaz Costa

2021 / Amaia Saldise

2020 / Fabio Pereztol

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