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Dona't d'alta a la base de dades de produccions, empreses i professionals de Catalan Films & TV.

Shortcat is the annual program for the International promotion of Catalan Short Films. Every year we publish a catalogue with eight short films selected by an International jury and is distributed at International festivals and Markets around the world.

Some of the directors that have been part of the program are Álex Pastor (codirector of the feature film 'Los últimos días'), Andy Muschietty (director and coproducer of 'Mama', which was a success in the USA), David Victori (scriptwriter and director, winner of the Your Film Festival by YouTube), Elena Trapé (director of the feature 'Blog'), among others.

Since 2015, CF&TV offers a Distribution service to the selected films that have already brought the films to more than 300 international festivals.

Programmers, TV buyers and other professionals may ask for a screener link here.

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