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Production companies

Güell, 58, edifici 5
17001 Gerona, Spain

Contact Glòria Rodríguez Martínez

+34 972 94 09 72
fax: +34 972 94 09 41

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Technical details

  • Year: 1993

  • Type: Fiction - Feature Film

  • Genre: Drama

  • Audience: General Audiences

  • Runtime: 155.00 '

  • Original version: Spanish

  • Format: Colour, Other, Dolby Digital,

  • Status: Completed


Young Amelia Roig sails off for Cuba to consummate a marriage arranged by her uncle. During the voyage, Amelia witnesses the gruesome reality of slave trade, which she discovers her husband in the primary beneficiary of. Once in Cuba she is humiliated by her husband, who continues to have relations with a slave, Consuelo, and admits that their marriage is nothing more than the seal of a commercial agreement between Spaniards and Cuban colonialists. Meanwhile in Barcelona, her uncle and his lover are conspiring to take over the Rovira shipping company, with the profits from the slave trade. Amelia seeks justice and finds an ally in Consuelo. Together, they will win their liberation.