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The Light Bulb Conspiracy – The Untold Story of Planned Obsolescence


Production companies

Av. Diagonal 177. Edifici IMAGINA
08018 Barcelona, Catalonia

Contact Eva Peris Vega

+34 934 761 551
fax: +34 934 761 552

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Carrer de la TV3, s/n
08970 San Joan Despí, Catalonia

Contact Victor Carrera

+34 934 999 333
fax: +34 934 731 563

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2A Rue de la Fonderie
67080 Estrasburg, France

Contact Olaf Grunert

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Technical details

  • Year: 2010

  • Type: Documentary - Television

  • Genre: Documentary

  • Audience: General Audiences

  • Runtime: 52.00 '

  • Original version: Catalan

  • Other available versions: English , Spanish , Catalan , French

  • Format: Colour, HDCAM, Other,

  • Status: Released


Once upon a time, consumer goods were built to last. Then, in the 1920’s, a group of businessmen realized that the longer their products lasted, the less money they made. Thus Planned Obsolescence was born and, ever since, manufacturers have deliberately shortened their products’ life spans to increase sales.

The current throwaway climate - where the latest gadget is outdated after a year and electronics are cheaper to replace than to repair – is the basis for economic growth. But infinite consumption is unsustainable with finite resources. With the economy crumbling and consumers becoming increasingly resistant to the practice, has Planned Obsolescence reached the end of its own life?


Japan Prize 2011

01/01/2011 - 31/12/2011