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Catalan Films promotes the participation of Catalan productions at international festivals; organises producers and companies’ delegations to attend markets; encourages the co-production and distribution of Catalan content;supports films and talent selected by international festivals;acts as the industry’s official representative at key festivals and markets and offers consultancy services to those who need help with the internationalisation of their companies or their audiovisual products. 


Catalan Films brings together international festivals and the Catalan audiovisual industry. Click here for a list of festivals with whom we have established a close relationship and to which we send films and other materials every year.

Markets attended by Catalan Films

Catalan Films organises and supports delegations of producers who want to travel to international markets. Click here to find out where we go, the dates of the most important markets for each sector, where we operate an institutional stand and the services offered to producers. 

Personalised consultancy services

Catalan Films offers consultancy services on all those issues related to the internationalisation of the audiovisual sector. We can help you decide, for example, to which festivals you should send your productions, which markets or pitching events you should attend with your projects in development, etc. 


Do you want to co-produce with another country? Do you need information about international financing opportunities, possible partners or about how to access other markets? Do you want to know which Catalan production companies have co-produced with companies from other countries? Find here all you need to know about international co-productions between Catalonia and other territories.


Catalan Films works to promote the Catalan audiovisual industry at international markets and festivals. Click here to check the latest production line-ups, the sector’s news and our latest bulletins and newsletters. 


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