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Cinema Defacto


Cinéma Defacto is an author-driven production company founded in 2007 and based in Paris. The company’s track-record totals around 40 completed features, most of them premiered in A-class festivals with 20 part of official selections in Cannes and Berlin.

For the past two decades, Cinéma Defacto has acquired a sense of expertise in every aspect of cinematographic work. Focusing on international productions as both lead producer and co-producer, the ambition of the company is to reach a wider market and to forge links with major independent players abroad.

Sector: Co-productora
Presidente: Tom Dercourt
Dirección: 32, Boulevard de Strasbourg 75010 Paris
, Francia
+ 33 1 55 79 04 04 /
Producciones en las que ha participado

2021 / Mounia Akl